© 2013-2018 Caloundra Lapidary Club Inc. All Rights Reserved
© 2013-2018 Caloundra Lapidary Club Inc. All Rights Reserved
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Member's Page
A very warm welcome to our newest Members (in Alphabetical order)

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Casey Alexander Jnr

Sonja Allen

Paige Fellers

Lionel Higgins

Marc Maes

Erin McCurrie

Manuela Schatzek

Tony Sullivan

Sandra Wilkinson

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The Member's Gallery

Past and present members,
at work and at play.

This gallery combines photos
from club social occasions and
events, like the Bunning's sausage
sizzle fund raisers.

Members come and go, some even
come back again, but one thing
is constant - the friendships that
are forged here, are lasting ones.

And to our treasured friends,
pictured here, who are no longer
with us, seeing you in these
photos, does gladden the heart!

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