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Executive Officers

President:  Greg Reynolds

Vice-President:  David Dowl

Secretary:  Eric Thomas

Assistant Secretary:  David Yarrow

Treasurer:  Michelle Sparks

Assistant Treasurer:  Bernie Partridge

Committee Members:  John Sandifort & David Parker

Museum Curator:  John Sandifort

Membership Officer:  TBA

Purchasing Officer:  TBA

Non Executive Functionaries

Club Patron: Cr Tim Dwyer

Projects & Grants Officer: TBA

Fundraiser: Natalie Albans

Chief Cabochon Instructor: Doug Richie

Cabochon Instructor: Greg Reynolds

Faceting Instructor: John Sandifort

Silver Instructor: David Dowl & Edith Sandiforth

Field Trips Officer: John Sandifort

Librarian: Gavin Wheldon

Maintenance Officers: Greg Reynolds & Eric Thomas

Grounds Keepers: Lynda Rush, Warren Rossow & Zac Findlay

Newsletter Editor: Bernadette Neubecker

Housekeeper:  Edith Sandifort & 12 Volunteer Members

Social Secretary: TBA

QLACCA Representative: TBA

Webmaster: Andria Zanki

Gemshow Convenor: Craig Johnstone

Gemshow Committee: Cheryl Johnstone (Secretary), John Sandifort, Edith Sandifort, Natalie Albans, David Dowel, Andria Zanki

Auditor: Save on Tax

Caloundra Lapidary Club

Office Holders - 2016

About Us

Caloundra Lapidary Club is a community club, created by and for the benefit of like-minded people who have an interest in any and all aspects of lapidary.

Office bearers donate their time and effort to the communal good of club members, whilst striving to carry this same goodwill to all members of the public who seek access to the knowledge we have collectively accrued.

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